Sunday, October 21, 2007

Blogging is faster in bed

Blogging is so much faster in bed. Why is that? I think there are actual several reasons why that is true. I think I am just that much more comfortable being comfortable in bed, that my productivity is greatly increased. I also think that without the distraction of the internet, I'm focused a whole lot more on each particular article/post that I am writing. Often, while online posting, in mid-stream, I'll think of a thread in a message board that I'm keeping tabs on that I want to go check on. Or I might want to check my email to see if a certain email has come in that I have been watching for. I also think that my office is in such a mess, that the energy in there is completely stagnant. That room could definitely use a Feng Shui overhaul, that's for sure! And that, of course, goes back to the comfort thing.

What brought this all on? Well, I noticed that I knocked out five posts earlier lickety split! And I was amazed, as lately I have trouble getting one or two posts out of myself! So I think I will do a lot more of this 'blogging in bed' business. And I'm thrilled to death about it!

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