Thursday, October 18, 2007

I love looking at jewelry

To me, beautiful jewelry is art. I remember one time a jeweler telling me about an upcoming 'trunk show'. At a trunk show, they carry only unique pieces. I still haven't been to one, but, I sure would love to, because that is one of the biggest things that I look for in jewelry - is uniqueness.

But I just love window-shopping for all different kinds of gorgeous pieces. It's great when I get catalogs in the mail, but, I also like searching online for jewelry. JR Dunn is a wonderful place for me to go and dream and get ideas. I get so excited about getting ideas for jewelry and I don't know why - maybe I was meant to be a jewelry designer. Or maybe I was one in another life. I don't know, but, I love finding a style I like and 'cataloging' in my mind ...for ....something. I'm not sure if I think I'm going to buy one like it later, or what, but, it just seems to come so naturally for me.

I was at JR Dunn today and I picked out the most beautiful engagement set. Mark just happens to be home today and I showed him and he laughed. I'm not sure why he's laughing - it's only $12,570.00! ;) Really though, what I like about the piece is that it looks like the old jewelry back around the 1930's, but, parts of it look modern. The 'old' parts remind me of my grandmother's engagement set - so, of course, that is reaching out to me. But I guess none of it 'reaches out to' Mark! ;)

I guess when shopping for diamond engagement rings we should try not to give our men heart attacks! I couldn't help it, though - it's just so pretty!

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