Monday, October 22, 2007

High School Musical welcomed here!

Yes, we do the High School Musical thing in this house. Two of my kids really like it, my daughter, especially. She and her friends will wander around the house all day singing the songs and doing the dances that, yes, they have memorized! The other night I was in her room waiting for her to change into her jammies, so I could tuck her in. The next thing I know, she is standing in front of the closet doing what looked to me to be a cheer. We have been going to all of the at-home football games and she and her friends like to watch the cheerleaders and do the cheers with them, as best they can. So I figured that is what she was doing. But nope, it was a dance from the High School Musical.

We live right across the street from the college theater - it is literally like three houses over from me, with the theater being the 'third house'. It would be so cool if the college would put on a production of the show. Man, if I told Sammie I had High School Musical tickets, she would literally FLIP!

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