Wednesday, October 10, 2007

He's ready for Puppy Kindergarten!

My sweet baby boy is five years old! And I'm a little late posting, actually - his birthday was Monday, October 8th! Last year I posted right on time - remember? Puppy said, "It's my party and I'll BARK if I want to!"

First the birthday boy had to get dressed up. We gave him a beautiful red ribbon to wear! And he looked mighty fine!

This year, Sammie baked the cake all by herself! Go Sammie! I wanted to make it with beef broth or chicken broth, to make it 'doggy-friendly', but, Sammie didn't want to so that we could be sure and have some, too! And since we didn't even have any broth, my argument didn't have a leg to stand on! We did, however, find a lovely way to make Puppy's servings 'doggy-friendly' - we topped them with chili!


Yep - chili! Puppy had chili cake for his birthday! Sounds delicious, doesn't it?
"Oh, yummy, Mom and Sam - this is good!" (And Mom got smart this year, and hung the sign at 'puppy height'!)
"Mmm, mmm!!" Licking those lips - that stuff's good!!

This is when Sammie went into the kitchen to get him a second helping - she is just to the left in the kitchen, and he is anxiously - and preciously - watching her and waiting. Isn't he just so cute???
"Alright, you silly bipeds, enough goofy human celebrations, leave me be to rest under this table!"
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