Wednesday, October 10, 2007

He's ready for Puppy Kindergarten!

My sweet baby boy is five years old! And I'm a little late posting, actually - his birthday was Monday, October 8th! Last year I posted right on time - remember? Puppy said, "It's my party and I'll BARK if I want to!"

First the birthday boy had to get dressed up. We gave him a beautiful red ribbon to wear! And he looked mighty fine!

This year, Sammie baked the cake all by herself! Go Sammie! I wanted to make it with beef broth or chicken broth, to make it 'doggy-friendly', but, Sammie didn't want to so that we could be sure and have some, too! And since we didn't even have any broth, my argument didn't have a leg to stand on! We did, however, find a lovely way to make Puppy's servings 'doggy-friendly' - we topped them with chili!


Yep - chili! Puppy had chili cake for his birthday! Sounds delicious, doesn't it?
"Oh, yummy, Mom and Sam - this is good!" (And Mom got smart this year, and hung the sign at 'puppy height'!)
"Mmm, mmm!!" Licking those lips - that stuff's good!!

This is when Sammie went into the kitchen to get him a second helping - she is just to the left in the kitchen, and he is anxiously - and preciously - watching her and waiting. Isn't he just so cute???
"Alright, you silly bipeds, enough goofy human celebrations, leave me be to rest under this table!"


Retta said...

That is so cute! I forget when Penny's birthday is. I'll have to hunt for her papers and find out.

alli said...

Happy Birthday Puppy!

Jules said...

Awww, that is sweet :) Great pictures

Lisa said...

Thank you, Loretta, Alli, and Jules!! Puppy appreciates it! ;)

And yes, Retta - get on that! We wanna know when sweet little Penny's bday is! :D