Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I want my own shower!

We moved from a house with two bathrooms to a house with three bathrooms, only to find that we can only use one! That is such s bummer! We can use the toilet and the sink in ours, but, we have to shower in the kids'/guest bathroom. And then there is a shower down in the basement. Mark has recently gotten that one working, but, I would love to have the one in our master bathroom working!

We have a really nice shower in there, too. It is stand-up shower, with no bath, and it is very large and looks like it would be very nice and comfy to shower in. And it would be easy to move around in - some stand-up showers are so tiny you can barely move. This is not like this at all. The only thing is that it doesn't have a little seat in it - that would be really cool.

But we don't even have the hardware in place right now for our shower. So I've been looking at some shower faucets online and I've found some really nice ones that I like.

Unfortunately, I think we actually have more of a problem than just needing the hardware. I can't remember if it is a leak or what, I just know that I want to shower in my own room.

When we do finally get it working, I would love to have a hand-held shower head - those are so great!

I tell you what - if we got our own shower, and we could have a hand-held shower, I'd be one happy mama! I'd look like this guy: Singing In The Shower


Fireflower said...

I want the ability to put a handheld shower head in our bathroom. We've got two baths in this house, the main one just has a tub, the master just has a shower, and I have really long hair that refuses to rinse thoroughly clean without help!

When I'm rich, things are going to change. I'll finally hire a general handyman to do all the little stuff I want to get done around here. While I'm sure my husband *would* do it, eventually, he's not handy at that sort of thing. It makes our lives easier that I don't bring it up...

Lisa said...

Oh the bathroom I dream of for 'when I get rich' is simply glorious!! Glorious, I tell you!