Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You don't have enough money... pay us what you owe us, so, we would like you to pay us even more Money Money Money Money Money Money Money Money

What the heck?! No No I'm late on my electric bill, because, the darn 100 degree days just did. us. in. Our darn bill is $359! And I guess I had a slow blogging month, or maybe I would do better to say, an unproductive blogging month. Things have just been so busy around this house, that it has been really hard to get much work done online! But that is a whole 'nother sack o' potatoes! (I need an office with a door, to lock the family out, so I can get some work done!)

What I'm really bitching about here, though, is that, for two weeks, I've been bustin' my rumpus trying to get all the money together for that stinkin' electric bill, among others....when I get this just loverly letter in the mail from them:
The electric service account at the above referenced address indicates a delinquent payment record. As a result, a deposit in the amount of $250.00 must be paid on this account.

See what I mean? "You can't pay, so pay us some more." That's intelligent. Gah.

This same thing happened to me at the bank a couple of years ago - it was just like credit cards, you're drowning, and in your dire struggle to get caught up - they push you back down under the water!Swimming

Life makes so much sense sometimes, doesn't it? Confused 2 Ugh! I am almost there - to the original bill amount, that is! But, I still don't have the total amount - I have until tomorrow. Wish me luck! And feel free to help out, if you'd like! Winking 2 All you have to do is click on my pretty Hippie Spelunker mug up there in the top left, and you will be taken to PayPal, where you can send me a buck or two, if you like. I only need $69 more, and I'm trying to avoid the pawn shop, but, I'm definitely not ruling that out - Mark's got lots of watches, maybe even some Luminox watches. He loves those darn dive watches, but, they might just pay a bill this month!

I will work better this month. I will work harder this month. I will work more this month.

Work better, work harder, work more.

My new mantra. Heh.


Retta said...

Same thing happened to us last year. Threy sent me a notice "you've been late X amount of times so we are charging you a $300 deposit on top of your $250 bill" you can have it back in a year if you're not late. Um, yeah I was late two more times. Ooooopsies!

Lisa said...

I know, right? It's pure awfulness!


Fireflower said...

Our July bill was $597. The next month was $200ish. We're late in the car payment. No idea when this will all get caught up, and the car insurance doubled because my husband needs to learn how to drive before the new baby gets here! Seriously. The only nice part about him living in the city was that he never needed a driver's license until now. And it seems that to insure a 34-year old married sailor is more than I pay for my own insurance and the car combined!

you just can't win anymore. Don't get me started on gas costs.

Lisa said...

I know, the gas is so bad that my husband yells at me for taking my daughter one mile to school when she misses the bus! Ha!

OMG, yours was way higher than mine- do you have a two-story with vaulted ceilings or something? Gah!

Our car insurance has been awesome since we moved from Dallas to Alabama - big difference! Sorry yours is gonna go up so much!!

Fireflower said...

We live in a 3 bedroom, two bath, one story ranch-type house. Nothing fancy, nothing big, and we took all the standard dark-blinds during summer daylight hours precaution. But between the pregnancy and the toddler who has the same ability as her mother to get heatstroke easily we could not keep the indoors thermostat set at the recommended 85 degrees. We had it at 76. Outside was averaging 112. Day after day after day... The bills suck. I feel your pain.

BTW, toddlers eventually settle and take their naps, right? I've got a two year old tearing her bed apart and falling asleep on her feet, literally. Everytime she falls over she wakes up again, and drags this whole naptime out just that much further.

breezie said...

I know how heartless they can be. The same thing happen to me a few years back as well. I require the use of a nebulizer a few times each day, so I got my doctor involved and got a 30 day extension and then I was able to catch the bill up plus pay the deposit.

Lisa said...

Yeah, it was awfully hot! I think I kept the thermostat at 78. Ugh.

My boys were good nappers - in cribs. They were in them for a while and never really were the climbing out type - thank goodness!

By the time my sweet girl came around, naps were pretty much a thing of the past!

Anonymous said...

after my divorce, i'd pay partial amounts, and try to catch if my bill was $200, I'd send $150 of it, and work to try and get the extra, but at least I paid some of it....they weren't happy, but at least I was making an effort :\

it's like robbing from peter to pay paul...becuase i'd have to play catch up on the phone bill or something

Lisa said...

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean, Deb! Ugh - it can get so exasperating!