Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today looks a little brighter

Because we made it! We made it! We got that stinkin' freakin' bill paid! Woohooo!

So today I'm happy and feelin' ten pounds lighter. Now, I'm sure I'll be just as grumpy next month when it comes time to pay our next bill PLUS the loverly extra $250!! If only we had some Scottsdale real estate to sell! Ah well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, eh? I'm sure you guys can help me through the stress of that one, just like you have this one!FriendsI just loved hearing that we're not alone and that other people are outraged at the outrageousness of life sometimes, too!

So today - let's just be happy! Woohoo 2


Catriona said...

I'm just catching up on feeds, finally. It sucks about the bill I'm glad you've been able to get it paid, but yuck...fees are ridiculous.

Lisa said...

Thanks, Cat! Yeah, it's super-creepy! Ugh.

I'm SO behind on feeds, it's not even funny!