Monday, September 24, 2007

Curse you, Singapore!

I was checking my stats this evening, and I noticed that someone visited this blog today from Singapore - and they came from Backlink Watch, which I thought was rather odd. So I went to Backlink Watch to investigate and see if I could find out how that happened.

And I've now wasted a good chunk of my life checking backlinks on all my sites and it's all your fault, Singapore! Winking 2

It's just so addicting - I couldn't stop watching all those sweet linky's showing up on the page bit by bit! I think I could watch all night.

I absolutely love watching my stats - seeing where people are coming from, and what they did while they were here. And I most especially love seeing how long they stayed. It's market research for my blog!

I'm about to switch Statistics software to one that came highly recommended by John over at One Man's Blog. He even used video to demonstrate the ultra-coolness of this software.

So I can't wait to get it and fuel my stats sickness even more!

I wonder - if my blog readers are voyeurs (of the blog) and I'm a voyeur of my voyeurs - wonder what that makes me?

(Yes, I should totally have linked you to John's post about the stats software, I'm in the middle of too many things right now - I'll try to do it tomorrow. You could just search, you know.) Winking 2

(No, I don't actually have anything against Singapore - that was just the 'name' I used for my blog voyeur.) Winking 2

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