Saturday, September 08, 2007

They didn't wear uniforms!

Band 2
I'm so excited! The band wound up not wearing their uniforms last night - so I didn't actually miss his first 'uniformed performance'! Why is that so important to me? I don't know, but, it just is. It seems like a big deal, even though I was actually at his first game, and saw his actual first performance!

He said it was a ton of fun, though! They rode out there on tour buses, and they just had a blast! He didn't have any money for the concession stand, and I felt kind of bad about that. They did have pizza right after school, before they left, and I packed him up with some snack bars and such, but, it's just more fun to buy from the snack bar, you know?

I'll try to have at least five dollars for him next time - poor, deprived child.

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