Friday, September 07, 2007

A Doc, a Daddy, and a Dell

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That is what is on the way to my house right now! A Doc - my Daddy's sweet dog. A Daddy - my Daddy. And a Dell - a new Dell notebook all for me!

You will just have to pardon Doc's wounded-pride picture, he was shaved too closely at the doggy barber's and he is not happy about it, I think. He might've had a date that night or something, and he was just really upset. He is a Malamute, so should definitely be darker in color - as in, his 'body' should match his head and the end of his tail. Poor guy.

What's that you say, you don't really think Anthony Hopkins is my father? Well! So you! Ok, ok, he is not really my father. But when my harddrive crashed in November, I lost all my photos. Ugh. And Anthony and my father remind me so much of each other, that I figured he was the perfect substitute. They sound alike, their mannerisms and facial expressions are similar, and, they were born just three years apart - he's a perfect match. My dad, however, is on his way to Alabama right this very minute, to visit me.

And he is also coming to bring me a brand spanking new Dell notebook! Oh my GOSH!!! I am so excited and I still can't believe he's giving me this thing! I was supposed to be getting a hand-me-down, and after one twist and turn in the road of life after another, it turns out that he is giving me a brand new one! How unbelievable and amazing!

He called around 1pm and he was in Louisiana - I think he could be here any minute now, or in an hour and a half, tops.

This is very cool, because he hasn't been out here yet, and we are excited to show him around and we are excited to show him our new house! It's no Imperial Palace Las Vegas, but, it's the biggest house we've ever lived in!


Scandalicious Lily said...

Viva Anthony hpkins :o)
Greetings from Belgium!

Lisa said...

I know, he's totally awesome, isn't he? :D

Thanks for stopping by!! :)