Monday, September 10, 2007

My brother and his wife have made me young again!

It's true, my brother and his wife have made me young again! Well, not exactly - but, they did have a daughter that is a little 'carbon copy of Aunt Lisa'! She is my little sweetie pie! Her name is Amanda and she is the cutest little bug in a rug ever! Well, of course she is - she looks like me!Winking 2

And now with this super-cool software from, I can show you just how much we favor each other! See...

Just check out those noses! Are we cute, or what? When my mom sent the picture of Amanda (and her sister, Alex, who I cropped out for 'The Morphing') to me, she did so specifically, because there is a picture of me as a little girl that is so similar to this one of Amanda. In talking about it, we think it must be my kindergarten picture.

I love that we look so much alike, and I think it will be totally awesome if we prove to be alike, as well! She's definitely got some spunk to her - something we both share, and I think it will just ROCK if she has also inherited the 'eccentric gene' that I seem to have gotten from my Grandma Georgia! We'll just be three pickles in a pot!

Back to the super-cool morphing software, though - I have been having so much fun with it! It's the Morpheus Photo-Morpher and I have thought of a million and one different ways to morph my kids, my husband and myself, and even my dog!

But then I had a really good idea! My husband is a contractor, and we make use of before and after pictures quite a bit - wouldn't it be cool to morph the before and after pictures? I think that would be such a great feature for his website!

I also was thinking of cute ways to utilize it for my 'fun letters for kids' business,, where I talk a lot about reading, and my logo is a bookworm. I thought about morphing myself into the bookworm, or something silly like that. I'm sure kids would just love to laugh at "Mrs. Lisa" turning into an actual bookworm!

And the software is so easy to use, even my kids could do it! Well, ok, my kids are rather techno-smart, like most kids these days! Let's just say - even my husband could do it!Winking 2

I'm so glad that sponsored this post, so that I could tell anyone who loves me and just might happen to be reading (Hi Mom! Hi Tracy!) that this would be a great item to put on my Christmas wish list!

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