Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mom, my teacher says you're dumb!

Sad Dunce
Well, alrighty then.

me: That's a lovely thing for your teacher to say, honey - what brought that about?

Sam: She says that people who use cuss words are dumb, because, they're too dumb to think of good words to say, so they just use bad words.

Hmm... I stood there in the hallway pondering this. Ok, it's good for her teacher to encourage her not to cuss. Right? Uh...yeah.

Then why do I feel so ...irked? I guess because the amount of 'extremity' in getting across high moral values out here is not at all what I am used to.

People so often go on tirades, or get upset by, the fact that they perceive hippies/conservationists to be fanatical in their efforts. Well, this 'new world' I'm living in is fanatical in a whole different way.

But the bottom line is, no, I do not want my daughter to cuss, so I think I will just drop this one where it is.

And this was my response to Sammie: "Oh, ok." And then I walked away.

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