Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gossip Girl

Do you know who Gossip Girl is? That's okay, nobody else does, either. She is a blogger, though - and, of course, I think that rocks!

Well, she's not a real blogger. But she is a fabulously mysterious character who dishes out all of the latest gossip and news on a new show that looks really good!

It's The CW's Gossip Girl and it is a teen drama created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. It is based on the best selling Gossip Girl novels by Cecily von Ziegesar. The premiere show is Wednesday, September 19. It looks like it will be entertaining, but, I don't know that I'll let my daughter watch it, simply because of the cattiness I imagine there to be in it, not to mention, they do a lot of partying, as well!

It looks to me to be a lot like Beverly Hills 90210, except in New York City. The big difference, I think, would be that the main family for 90210 was a "good family" - with values and morals. And I think this show is just about a lot of the debutante chaos that goes on. It is interesting to me, because, these teens are going through all of the normal 'teenage angst' and drama - but, with a whole lot of money! That will be kind of fun to watch.

And the cool thing is, that they all cling to this blog written by The Gossip Girl, and even to text messages from her, to find out what is happening in their dramatic teenage world. I love that part. And none of them know who The Gossip Girl is.

You can get more information and see a longer preview clip on The Myspace Fan Page. And you can vote for your favorite characters there, too. I voted for Dan, because, I think he is just a sweet guy. He is one of the two (he and his sister) that don't 'financially' fit in the group. I think I already feel badly for the two of them, having to try to fit in with all of those wealthy kids!


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