Thursday, September 13, 2007

Passing out Bibles at public schools

Uh, yeah. Seriously. Sammie came home today, "Momma - they were passing out Bibles at school today! Some man came and gave us all Bibles!"

And she was pretty excited. And it's a cool pocket-sized one. Which, I think is neat. And she was happy that she could keep it in her backpack. And that's all good.

But damn, ya'll! Bibles - with Jesus in them - at P.U.B.L.I.C. school! Jesus

And on home-game-Fridays, people from local Baptist and Methodist churches come and feed the kids free biscuits and gravy before school. Patrick knew they did that, but, didn't know who was providing them. You know how informative male creatures can be, especially those in the throes of teenage hormone-dom! So I looked it up on the school website, to find out it was from these churches.

And when the boys came home, I asked them, "Did they preach at ya'll?" (I know I should probably say 'to you', but, I'm a little miffed, ok?!)

And Patrick said, "No, but, people could go up to the podium and pray if they wanted to. You know, pray to win the game."

It irritates me so much, I almost don't even want to admit that Jesus is in my heart. I feel like kicking the government-ignoring, separation-of-church-and-state-defying, long-haired dude right out of my heart!

Ok, I know, this is not Jesus' doing. These are the actions of humans. Humans who have apparently not joined us in the 21st century.

It is so wrong on so many levels.

Miffed. I'm definitely miffed.

I'm just gonna sit here miffed for a while, why don't you go read this:
Separation of Church and State - at Wikipedia
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