Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gumtree - groovy classifieds for Londoners

I've been reading over a very 'aesthetically pleasing to me' website that is a classified ads and community website for people in London. It's called Gumtree and I just really love the look of the site! Of course, it is rather 'hippie-ish' in appearance, so I imagine I would love it! It is arranged rather like Craigslist, in the way that the categories are set up. So that much is familiar, but, it is pretty. It has a lovely, light yellow background and a .... you guessed it - a gumtree in the upper left hand corner!

You can find all kinds of things on - from a nanny for your kids, to a date for Saturday night, to an old guitar, so you can rock out! And one thing that Gumtree has a lot of - is listings for jobs in London! The jobs listed cover all kinds of categories. I found a great one for a couple - they are looking for someone to come live on-site in a little bungalow and help with gardening, housework, grounds upkeep, and childcare. Sounds like a great gig for a young couple - I would have loved something like that prior to having children.

One thing that is a big plus for me is that they have a lot of very active forums - I am such a forum junkie, it's not even funny!

They also have been growing and are now in quite a few countries, and in many cities. They even have three cities in the United States covered. That's cool - maybe they will expand here in the US, because I really like their site! I just had to show you their logo - isn't it cute?

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