Sunday, September 16, 2007

Very pretty and *crisp* My Very Own Mail logo!

I'm so excited! I found a beautiful copy of my My Very Own Mail logo! Oh my gosh, isn't it pretty?

My harddrive crashed in November, and I lost all kinds of stuff! And I lost my original images that the graphic artist had sent me, so I'd been using ones I was finding online in different places. And we all know how nice copies of copies look! Ugh!

Well, big 'ol dummy me, I've been neglecting my first and 'most precious to me' website, My Very Own Mail, for quite some time now. I do still have a few sweet little customers, but, I have been far too busy blogging to update the website or market the business.

I keep noticing, though, that I am still getting a somewhat steady stream of traffic there, most especially on my Sample Letters pages. And horror of horrors! I don't have any Google ads on those pages - my most-trafficked pages there!

And I keep meaning to get in there and clean things up, anyway, so I went in there this morning to spruce the place up a bit, and maybe place a few Google adsense units on some pages.

And that is when I found this beauty, hiding amongst the images in my site builder. Actually, no - it wasn't in the images - it is its own page! Want to see: My Very Own Mail LOGO

That wasn't even the final draft, as you can see the font is wrong - we switched it to Kristin ITC, which is what I use frequently on the site, and in the letters. I tried to do that - switch the fonts - in Paint - this morning, as you can see on the image at the top of this post. (I can feel you cringing, Loretta!) And that is why it surely doesn't look like a job done by a graphic artist! Ah well....I tried!

I'm so freaking excited every time I look at it, though - I haven't seen the image so crisp since...well...since Nodumbvember!

Back up! Back up! Back up! That shall be my new middle name!

It has been kind of interesting, though, finding/running into, pictures I've posted on the web in various spots and getting so excited and snagging them! For example, I used to be a pretty active member of Ryze, but, I grew bored of it. But something recently led me back there - and there were a couple of pics there. Little things like that keep happening, and I am snagging pictures right and left!

Again I say - BACK UP!!

So just who was that very talented graphic designer who created my logo? Well, that would be Jennifer Johnpoll, of azxure Dawn designs. She totally rocks! Rocker 3 I absolutely love the graphics she created for me! (She is also one of the owners of Punkymoms - the coolest online community ever!)

And now I see that I really am a complete idiot! HA! She has the graphics - my graphics - right there in her Portfolio! I didn't want to bug her about it, because I was a knucklehead who crashed my machine - and who knew if she even had them anymore! Somebody just smack me, okay? But you can see from her portfolio, that she does really great work!


azxure said...

Thanks Lisa! What a great post to see :-)

Lisa said...

Well, thank you, my dear!! I just love my bookwormy and I'll be bragging about him for years!!! :)