Sunday, September 30, 2007

My new blogs are starting to look pretty

I've had a migraine all day, that I've been keeping at bay with medicine, but, I still haven't felt totally up to snuff. Blogging just wasn't really in the cards today, although I do have some reviews that I wanted to get done. They will just have to wait.

It sort of turned out to be a good thing, though, because I worked on some of the design elements of my two new blogs. And I had a super-cool blogging buddy, Loretta, helping me! She totally rocks!

Aren't they starting to look nice? Why, thank you, I think so, too!

Have a good evening - and I'll blog at ya tomorrow!


Ami-chan said...

Very cool ^^ I'm trying to sort out the redesign for my main blog.

The H2 header is very cool. I love the way it looks.

Lisa said...

Cool - I can't wait to see it!

Yeah, Loretta did the header - isn't it awesome? I just love it!

John C said...

It's pretty! I...uh...which direction should I go I'm lost. lol

Very nice, and the colors really are wonderful, Lisa.

Lisa said...

Well, John - I hope you can find your way amongst all my prettyful blogs!

Thanks for the compliments!! :D

Anonymous said...

they look nice. i like the clean design

Lisa said...

Thank you, Deb!! :)