Saturday, September 29, 2007

Two slumber parties, one tired mama

Tonight is Shawn's slumber party - my thirteen year old. He has four boys over and they are all juiced up on sugar, caffeine, and video games! I threw some hot dogs in there for good measure. This definitely would be a good day for me to try a hoodia patch, with all this junk food around. They are all outside playing right now, which I imagine I'll have to call a stop to soon, as they are not doing that 'quiet thing' very well. It is 9:30PM here and I don't want to upset any of the neighbors. All in all, they are nice boys, so it's a good party, but, whenever you mix an odd number of kids, candy, caffeine, and slumber parties, there are bound to be little issues here and there. They seem to be handling them nicely, though. Thank goodness, because, I am sitting here at my desk, trying very hard to keep myself awake. I am just no good in the evenings, anymore. Around 8pm, I start fighting off the 'sleepies', so this is getting a bit too far past my bedtime. I am hoping my husband will be home soon to take over. He needs to probably blow up an air mattress for them, anyway. The floor in the basement doesn't have any padding under the carpet, and there is only furniture enough for three boys to sleep on. (A couch, a big sidechair, and a loveseat.)

Last weekend Patrick had his birthday slumber party. He turned 14. He had two boys spend the night. It was definitely quieter, but, those boys were pretty darn sweet, too.

Uh oh, the boys are starting to yell a bit too much - I better go hush them up.


cb said...

I raised two daughters, born 16 months apart, and my house was the one with the single mom and the comfortable, cheap furniture. Everyone hung out there, but better there than somewhere else. I have just one piece of advice - invest in earplugs. Macks makes the best ones. Never be without them. My girls tell me now (they're 22 and 24) that they would wait 30 minutes after I told them to settle down, then they knew I was asleep and they could make all the noise they wanted. I get a lot more sleep now that they're out of the house, but I never mind being awakened by a phone call.


Anonymous said...

You're becoming your mother - the 9 o'clock sleepies - and your grandmother! It's a biorhythm thing I guess.

Love you.


Lisa said...

@ cb - That's so funny that you say that, because, one year for Mother's Day, that is exactly what my mother gave me! It was hilarious - they were in the envelope with the card! I've still got them on my dresser...I should keep them handy, most especially after last night! Ha!

@ Momma - I love you, too! And yes, I'm pretty much wasted by 8pm, I can sorta push it till 9pm, and then that's it! I'm out!
Thanks for commenting - I love comments from family!! :D

Fireflower said...

I already have the sleepies, but I suspect mine has to do more with the Toddler who feels the need to wake up before sunrise than my age. We're still slowly trying to get her to change her mind about the whole "wake up at 0400" thing, and have mostly succeeded. The Boy likes to be in bed by 8 because he wakes up at 3, I try to be in bed by 9 because I wake up at 5, and I'm stubbornly resisting the urge to quick get the Toddler out of her crib and into a toddler bed because I'm afraid of those middle of the night wakeups.

Lisa said...

Oh trust me - I was a zombie when my kids were little like that!

I don't remember being concerned about my boys getting up when we switched them to toddler beds - I think they mainly stayed put. With my daughter, though, I knew she had the potential to be a wanderer.

So I had planned to get a baby gate for her doorway - but while house-hunting, we found one with a half-door, like you see at preschools! That door was a screaming message to me that that house was where we were meant to be - and we spent six happy years there!

I still miss that house - I was just thinking of it the other day - and missing it....