Thursday, September 06, 2007

Falling in love on Skype

Batting Eyelashes 2
It could happen, you know it could. Why, just this afternoon - I received this message from a handsome weird stranger:

LISA oh ..GOOD morning .....what a beautiful name ..hello there ...your name sounds beautiful, ...this could be just like a message in a bottle, the net ocean!!!

Funny, huh? That would be like my saying that to a guy named 'John' - good Heavens!!

'Your name is so beautiful!' Uh, yeah, right - do you mean the name that myself and one million other women in the southeastern United States carry? Ok, then.


Adam said...

That's the beauty of the internet but be careful.

Lisa said...

Yeah, I know, Adam - it's just so funny, isn't it?

But, you're right - we do need to be careful on this 'ol interwebby - there are some major creepos prowling around!!

Thanks for visiting, Adam! :)