Friday, September 07, 2007

And love is in the air at Squidoo

I've been meaning to tell ya'll about this one for a long time, but, I just keep forgetting. I actually received this proposal for marriage back in December of last year! It is just too funny not to share! You can allow people to email you through your Squidoo lenses. They don't ever see your email address, unless you respond, of course. And it can be a good way for business prospects to contact you. Sometimes, however, you might get a non-business contact. Like this one:
Email subject: i like you

"oh nothing really i am adoctor from kerala,and would like to marry a
mom like you for a better and happier days to come.please do reply if u
r interested." --sreeraj

Well, how about that? I'm a wanted woman! And hunted-down HOTT babe! I better tell my husband - he's gonna want to make sure and pay more attention to me! I do have all these other prospects, you know!

Poor 'ol hubby might get dropped like a box of rocks if he doesn't watch out!
Laughing Mutley

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