Friday, September 21, 2007

Britax Car Seats

I hear from all my mommy friends all about how great Britax car seats are! They all just talk them up so much! When my own kids were little, the car seats had gotten pretty cool - but, nowadays, they are just awesome! Britax has been the best-selling child seat in England, Europe, and Australia for a number of years, and ten years ago was introduced in the United States. So that was just after I was pretty much done buying car seats, so I missed the flurry - but, I have heard so much about them from friends with younger kids! Everyone just seems to love them. I saw a really pretty one the other day - it was all pink! There weren't any pink car seats when Sammie was born, or believe me - I would have begged Mark or my parents for it! The most impressive thing about Britax, to me, is that if your car seat is involved in a car crash, they will replace it - for FREE! That is seriously cool! And their Versa-Tether seat anchoring system is one of the industry's most highly praised safety innovations. Combine that with the free replacement offer, and that is an awesome car seat for munchkins!

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