Friday, September 21, 2007

Psychology degrees

I think it would be so cool to get a psychology degree. I think if I had been the 'college type' - psychology would have been one field I would've seriously considered. If I already had my bachelor's, I could even work on a psychology degree online! I'm serious - isn't that cool? People can get Chicago School Online Psychology Degrees, if they apply and are accepted into the program of studies. This school was started in 1979 by practicing psychologists who wanted to start a not-for-profit training center for students entering the field. And as of this year, they are offering distance learning. And the really cool thing about this school is that they have a major focus on diversity and multicultural studies, as they believe that multicultural awareness plays a very important role in psychological therapy. And they seem to not only be a good part of the community there in Chicago, but, also they are a good community themselves. I really like schools that are like that. You don't just go and absorb information, regurgitate it, and that's all there is to the school. It is an actual thriving, supportive community. I really hope that my children pick a school like that - and if one of them were to choose psychological studies, I would just be thrilled.

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