Sunday, August 12, 2007

Women and their faces

I was over reading Devilish Southern Belle, the blog of my rockin' cool Alabama buddy, and I was amused to see a conversation about skin care products. Or rather, I was amused that she'd never used eye make-up remover pads. I am quite sure she is much more well-versed in girly things than I, after all, she is a Belle. But I do love to hear when there are others without experience with girly stuff like that. It makes me feel not quite so alone. You know - eye-makeup remover pads? What for? I fold up a rag so that there is an angle to it, almost like you fold up a flag - and then use the angle with a wee bit of soap and wash under my eyes. Yes, I'm sure that is terrible for my under-eye skin, but, I wear make-up so infrequently, I'm sure it is not doing that much damage. Silly me.
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