Sunday, August 12, 2007

Punkymoms = concerts

Wherever two or more Punkymoms are gathered, at least one of them will have a recent concert story to tell. Yep, so many of my Punkymom friends are concert junkies! They love concerts! And I love looking at their pictures and enjoying their stories, from the quiet, calm comfort of my home. I just don't do well with
all of that noise!
Dance Club 2
and all of those people!

I am a bit of a scaredy cat in crowds. This has only happened to me since giving birth. Lots of stuff that used to be just fine, scares me to death. Darn those kids, spoiling all my fun!

Now I do still - occasionally - like to go to concerts. I just can't handle it on a regular basis. I wonder what the last one I went to was. Hmm... It may have been at Starplex, yeah, I think so. Oh! It was the Cher concert - her farewell tour. And I was with Mark - who really hates crowds! And who is not quite as cool as I am about the boy/boy thing - and let me tell you - the boy/boy thing was HOT and HEAVY - all over the place! I mean, we are talking about Cher, here, people! Gosh, that concert was a long time ago! I wonder if that really is the last one I went to - if it was, I'm sure we couldn't have bought our concert tickets online. We may have actually had the internet then, but, we sure didn't use it for everything, like we do now!

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