Thursday, August 16, 2007

Time to go craft shopping again!

I'm running low on craft supplies for, so it is just about time to do some craft shopping again. I love it when that time comes around, because, I just love picking out the crafts and the coordinating goodies! Lately, I've also been really missing doing crafts with my own kiddos! So I would like to buy some stuff just for us, as well. So it is absolutely perfect timing for to sponsor a review from this spelunking hippie, because, they have 24 stores represented with free online coupons in the arts and crafts coupons category! I am loving this!

I generally always get my crafts and goodies for my personalized letters business from The Oriental Trading Company. There are 60 Oriental Trading coupons - that's awesome! That is going to be very helpful! I love shopping there, and sometimes I go overboard, so a little help in the form of coupons and discounts will go a long way!

And besides all of the cool stores I learned about in the craft category (there are some cute ones - really! go look!) at, there is always Wal-Mart! I know, a proper hippie wouldn't shop at Wal-Mart. But you won't tell my momma, I know - because you're a sweet crowd!Winking 2 And besides, I live in a small town and the Target is quite a bit of a drive. And, more importantly, Wal-Mart has a killer craft section! Sammie and Shawn and I can get lost in there for hours! They don't have any Wal-Mart coupon codes at right now, but, I will definitely keep an eye out for them. They do, however, have another cool feature on their Wal-Mart page I'd like to tell you about. You will notice at the bottom of the Wal-Mart page that there are some eBay links. Those links are for discounted gift cards that are on sale on eBay. This is a new craze, apparently, and you can usually buy them for about 75% of their face value. I hadn't heard of this until today, and I am surprised and excited about it - that's free money we're talking about! There is a good explanation of this new phenomenon on the DealLocker Blog.

There are a few other cool features over at that I wanted to tell you about, too. There are user ratings on all of the coupons, and so you only see coupons that are actually still good. That is definitely a big time and headache saver. Also, users can submit coupons, so it's like a coupon-wiki - seriously, could web 2.0 get any cooler? I just love all of the user-collaboration everywhere! Registering for the site is quick and easy, so there's no headache there, either.

I saved my favorite feature for last - the 1-Click Coupon Bookmarklet! You know how you'll be out and about on the web and you find something you really want to buy, so you exit the retailers website (or open a new window) and go searching for coupons? You no longer have to do that. I tested this out, and I love it! I went to Oriental Trading Company online, whistling casually, as if I was just out surfing. Then I said to me, "Ooh, I would love to buy that stationary set - wonder if there are any coupons for it?" Did I, at this point, leave the site? No way! Not at all. I just went to my bookmarks, clicked on 'Coupons from Deal Locker' and up popped a lovely little window (one of those small ones) listing all of the Oriental Trading coupons. I just love that! Major timesaver!

This is a great new site, out of sunny California, and if you're looking for coupons (who isn't?) - I'd say you should check them out, because, I give them 2 Thumbs Up!

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