Thursday, August 16, 2007

Major bloggy girl crush!

It's true, it's true - I have a girl crush, and a bloggy girl crush, at that! And she's younger than I - by 10 years. Think that makes me a cradle robber?

She's real purdy, ya'll! And she's a kick ass blogger, too! Right up my alley!

And guess what she said yesterday? It goes a little something like this:

I'd also like to say that I am one of the most blunt and honest people you'll ever meet in this world, and it's certainly not a quality that I dislike in others. I will say this, however... I think that many people are too quick to jump in and say: "Well, I'm just honest." Being straightforward is great, but when when you practice being honest, beautifully, it makes all the difference in how you're perceived, if that's something you care about. :)

The bold is mine, because, it's my favorite part! Golden - pure golden!

See - the old man is always telling me he's 'just being honest' and it gets my goat just about every time. And now, I have this beautiful sentence in my head to make me feel better.

Tell it to him? Nah - that would just be a waste of my sweet breath - he thinks the way he thinks, you know? Sometimes, just knowing things, and not sharing them with the 'offender', makes me feel all warm and gooey inside.

Getting back to my crush - this lovely, sweet girl recently joined a forum I frequent, and I think she's just mighty cute, and she is a rockin' cool blogger, and she just seems like a righteous chic. (Not to mention she's an English major - that just gets me every time!) And then - from her fingertips poured this luscious wisdom, and I was completely hooked - that sealed the deal!

Ya'll can go on over and get hooked, too - you'll find the orange cat-lovin', artist, photographer, and writer at! She's got a boyfriend named Zach, too, but, I'm sure ya'll won't tell on me, right? Winking 2

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