Friday, August 17, 2007

Buying pet supplies can be so much FUN!

I thought that Lucy, my mom's chihuahua, had the coolest indoor pet den. It is like a little palace, made out of a smooth, soft fabric and it is just divine. She has, however, now been outdone. The doggy dens at Internet Pet Emporium are just way too cute! And - they can be used as end tables, too! That's really cool, because, that way they are taking up less space, you know? See - aren't they cute?!They have all kinds of pet supplies at! They have some very useful things, like pet feeding and watering devices and even an indoor potty for dogs! But they also have some really cool - and fancy - stuff!

You've got to see this dog house - it is the coolest doghouse ever!

I just love that! It's called, The Barn. They have another one with a cool front porch, and it's called The Mansion - but, the front porch on The Mansion doesn't have a roof, so I like The Barn better. I would love to get that for Lucky! I guess he doesn't really spend enough time outside to really warrant our buying him a dog house, but, I still would love to buy it!

And I've always been obsessed with cat houses! I don't even have a cat right now, and I still 'shop' for cat houses! But, when they are as cool as this: can I resist?

You know who has the COOLEST cat habitat ever?? The ASPCA in New York City - that place is the bomb! It almost makes me want to be a cat! But I'm just a weirdo that way!

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