Monday, August 13, 2007

Let's all do the Spunkular!

One of Sammie's girlfriends keeps getting the name of my blog wrong - she calls it 'The Spunkular'! So cute! We were all laughing about it the other day and I told her that I like the way that sounds - it's cool! So the girls started dancing around the house, singing, "The Spunkular"!!

It's the new dance craze, ya'll! Everybody do "The Spunkular"!!Celebration Dance

And how about that? I've got myself three little bloggy cheerleaders! I totally love it! I should buy them all matching purple and green shirts and get some Youtube action going! I'd have to get permission from one of the moms - I've already featured one of the girls in a video here before. I think it was for a 'Happy Valentine's' video for my nephew back in Dallas. It was cute.

And "The Spunkular Cheerleaders" would just be ADORABLE!!
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