Monday, August 20, 2007

Meet my trumpeteer!

My sweet Patrick got his marching band shirt and he looked so cute and so handsome in it! And they had to wear them on Friday, because, that night was 'Meet the Eagles' night at the stadium. My sweet boy is 'cheating the system', according to my book, anyway! He is getting to be in a high school marching band two years early - while he is still 'in' junior high! I say 'in' because our junior high schoolers and our high schoolers all go to the same school. And - being a small town, they start in marching band in the eighth grade! He just looked so handsome Friday morning that I made him pose for a pic! I'm so glad that I have a home based business that allows me time for stuff like this in the morning! And I made sure to back up and get allllllll of him in it - because, Mom, Tracy - he's grown like a weed!! Since we came home from Texas - he has been doing nothing but growing! I have been 'checking' him every now and then - I check him by making him stand face to face with me and see how close he is to 'eye to eye' with me. He has grown, but, his eyes have been a couple inches below mine. Then, one morning last week, he woke up and his knee was hurting him and it kept hurting for a few days. Mark said that it was probably growing pains, so, after a few days of it hurting, I checked his height again - and I'll be gosh-darned if that boy isn't within an inch of being EYE TO EYE with me!!!!! What?! What the hell happened? (Tracy - you're the lucky one, being a bit taller - Mom and I are gonna have to be face to face with this monster any day now!!)
Isn't he the cutest thing, though? And I was just so excited about his t-shirt, so I had to get a close-up...
And darn-it, if he isn't the handsomest 13 year old!!! (And shhh! He recently held hands with a girl! Shhhh!) I did NOT tell you that!

I don't know what it was about that darned t-shirt - but, I just thought it was so cool! I should be more excited about the band uniform itself, but, we haven't been able to actually see that on him yet. I almost caught him in it on Saturday morning, when they had to take pics, but, the speedy monster had already changed back into his shorts by the time I got there to pick him up!

Doesn't he have a nice, manly throat?

Gosh, I'm a dork.
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