Monday, August 20, 2007

Ain't nothin' funner than farting dinosaurs!

farting dinosours whats funner?

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Cute, cute, cute! And definitely 'funner' - I can't wait to show the kids when they get home! It just might cheer up their Monday afternoon! Jim Kukral has lots and lots of fun ideas, and he says, "If it isn't it worth doing?"

For instance, I loved when he helped me proclaim to the world that LisaMarieMary is really awesome!! And I especially loved it when he helped me shout out that MyVeryOwnMail is really awesome!!

And I just love this idea he's come up with - to make 'funner' a word! How many of us in quick, excited speech have used this with complete abandon? Come on - even you bibliophiles have done it - admit it!

So get on over there -->

And see what it's all about!


shazad said...

Lol that made me chuckle the trex let me down a bit mind

Lisa said...

Heehee! Glad you liked it!