Monday, August 13, 2007

Kids and their toys

Kids are so funny. Sammie used to have one of those big, plastic kitchens. We have long since gotten rid of it. But she still liked to play with everything that came with it - the cookware set, the food, the silverware, etc., so I let her keep those for a while even after getting rid of the kitchen. When she finally grew tired of those, we bagged them up and sent them to her cousin's house, as he had just recently gotten his own kitchen, but, didn't have much stuff for it yet. All of this transpired several years ago. And now, all these years later, she is asking for more kitchen stuff. I can't remember what it was she and her friend's were playing, but, she was wanting some dishes and food and stuff. I would normally say to myself, 'see - we should've kept all that stuff', but, I'm not - for once! That is a long time in between her being ready to get rid of them and wanting to play with them again - too long for hanging onto all of that stuff. And - wanting to play with that stuff again probably won't last very long - she is almost eleven years old, and her two best friends are in the 6th and 7th grades!

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