Monday, August 13, 2007

Making books come alive

A really excellent way to get children interested in reading is to make books come alive. And a super fun way to do that is by acting out the story, props and all! I remember one of the stories that my kids and I used to act out was The Three Little Pigs. We had animal masks for each character in the story, and we would take turns playing each role. It was really funny. The pig's noses were really funny - we would always laugh as soon as someone would put one on! And we sure had a lot of fun making that book come alive!
Wolf Pig Dancing


Jane Doe said...

Animal masks! What an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

You're quite welcome - and thanks for visiting! :)

Catriona said...

That's such a cute idea. I'll have to keep this in mind with the munchkin. We're trying to get him into reading right now, don't think he's quite old enough to do masks yet, but still the furry animal books are a treat.

Lisa said...

Oh, I bet you could, if you could find or make masks of his favorite characters - his favorite shows, etc.

Or even a teddy bear mask! Heehee

And you can start with eye masks only, since some munchkins get scared at even the sweetest masks, you know?

Lisa McGlaun said...

My mother in law bought my toddler a "This little piggy book" that had pig puppets for each finger...he loved it.

We read it until the piggys were to tired to go to the market anymore..:)

Cute post!

Lisa said...

Aw, that's cool, Lisa!! That's just what I'm talking about - I love it!

And cute comment, too! Heehee!