Monday, August 13, 2007

I miss my wedding rings

I haven't been able to wear them because they don't fit since I've gained weight. I hate that. My rings are so pretty. They have been through several renovations. First we had just the wedding bands, back in our 'poverty days'.Winking 2 Then we got married, and for several months, Mark saved up to buy me my engagement ring. Yeah, we're big fans of doing things backwards around here! We could have had the engagement ring sooner, because, I had picked one out that was half a carat and was only around $300, but, Mark would have none of it. That was way too poor quality of a diamond. It looked pretty to me, but, what do I know? So he went shopping for diamond rings on his own, in secret. It was really sweet - on our one year anniversary, and also my birthday, and also my first official Mother's Day - which all fell within two weeks of each other - he presented me with my beautiful diamond ring. It's very pretty and it was very sweet the way he did it and I miss wearing it!
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