Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Searching for a rental home

I just love looking for houses for rent and we're not really sure we're gonna stay here in this house. But if we move, we haven't decided where we'll go. I was looking at some houses in Tuscaloosa, which is pretty close to us and I was searching for them on this cool site, Rentals.com. The house that I found that I really like is this one. If you'll scroll through the pictures and look at the pictures of the kitchen, you will see exactly why I like that house! I would love a huge kitchen like that! And having an island in the kitchen helps out so much with food preparation space, and even for a place for the family to hang out! We had one in one of our houses and it was so great! It was so easy to find on the site, as you can just plug in any details that you want. This will be a good site to bookmark as we consider where we want to live.

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