Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dog Gone good stuff for my Lucky boy!

Blogging has been so very cool, in that I am meeting some totally awesome people! I love it! One of those rockin' people that I've met through blogging is this radical chic, Cynthia. You know why she rocks so hard? Because she is an 'animal people'. And you know what? She lives in Utah! I bet she's totally been to Best Friends! I'm so jealous! My mom has been there, and when she goes next time, she says she is gonna find a way to take me, too. She just had such a wonderful experience there, that she wants me to experience it, too!

But this is not about Best Friends, even though they rock! This is about Cynthia - and her groovy blog, TipTail. She is having a contest on that blog and the winner will receive a $30 gift certificate to Doggone Good! They have a great variety of wonderful products there for dogs and the people who love them. All we have to do is tell why we think we should win the prize in our post, and then next week, all of the submitted posts will be voted on.

Now, here is my sweet Lucky-boy, otherwise known as "Puppy":

If you've been reading along, you will know that we've just been to the vet, and the vet not only informed us that we are overweight, but, that we do, in fact, have a large dog lifespan. Given the fact that he is a large dog, most people would have recognized and come to grips with the fact that he would have a large dog lifespan. Not me. Nope. I lived happily in denial until that silly vet went and opened his mouth. So now I've been pretty sad, thinking that my time with Puppy is actually more than halfway through.

Just look how handsome he is:

Wouldn't you want more time with him? Don't you think that God could've made special arrangements, just this once? Well, given the fact that Puppy and I only have a few (short) more years together, I think we should win this contest, in order to fully enrich our time together! Click 'Read More...' to see what Puppy has to say about it!

Puppy says, "Please let my mommy and I win this contest so that we can have the best possible last few years together!"

Look into those eyes! How could you not vote for him???

So get on over to Tip Tail and vote for him! Dalmation


Jo said...

Those really are some pretty sad eyes! My pupsters entered the contest too over at tinydogblog. Good luck to your Lucky boy! Jo

Lisa said...

I know, don't they just tug at you?? Heehee!

I think we're both losing... :(

Well, it was fun entering, anyway, and I've met some cool doggy mamas, too! :D