Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Very fancy camera!

These kids, I swear! They are aging me - by the minute! See, when we were at my folk's house in Texas, Sammie and I were looking through one of the closets. I can't remember what we were looking for - oh yeah! We were looking for the balls for the pool table. And while we were in there, she found Daddy's old camera. She picked it up with this kids-are-rotten-smirk on her face, and I quickly took it from her, (in a bit of a panic), "Hey! Be careful with that! That's Grandpa's good camera!" To which she laughed in my face! "Hey!" I said, "This was Grandpa's really good camera and he was so proud of it and so happy to have it, and we kids were threatened within an inch of our lives not to mess with it!" (I may never have, before that day, in fact, actually held it in my hands!) And she just laughed harder! And upon closer inspection, I also noticed that it was slightly dated. Just slightly.

Damn kids.

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