Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Personalized news at Thoof

There is a cool new website where you can get your news and not only that, but, you can get the news that you want! They have a sophisticated algorithm in place that pays attention to the stories that you deem 'uninteresting' and the ones that you leave in place. So I suppose, after a few weeks of using it, the site will get to know your tastes in news a lot better and you will have your own personalized news!

The stories are submitted by readers, along with short descriptions they've written. If you like the story, you read it and then just leave it alone. If you don't like the story, you click the 'uninteresting' button. If you like the story, but, do not like the way the story has been presented to the community, you can try to change that. Other readers get to vote on your proposed changes.

You also have a history there, and all of your stories will be stored in your history. I'm not sure if that is all of the stories you've read, or only the ones you've submitted.

This site seems pretty cool to me, I think it kind of like a cross between Digg and Wikipedia. I think I might make it my home page, and then when I sign on every morning, I'll have my style of news there waiting for me!

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