Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Awesome vegetarian restaurants in Dallas

My two very favorite restaurants in Dallas are The Veggie Garden and Cosmic Cafe. They are so freaking good! I only got to go to Veggie Garden once, for my birthday dinner, and I didn't get to Cosmic Cafe at all. Sad 3

The Veggie Garden is really cool, because it has a nice, pleasant atmosphere. Everyone there, even the owner, Terri, is always very nice. The food is, of course, delicious, and Terri does things to get the restaurant involved in the community. And the community just happens to be, five minutes from my mom's house. I almost always get the Kung Pao Chicken. It's a very cool place, indeed. I surely thought that I would go there at least twice. What a bummer!

Cosmic Cafe is completely amazing because, as you can see, it is in this incredible building and the atmosphere is so warm and soothing. Their food is so delicious, the hummus is my favorite. But they also have yoga and meditation classes. And that involves them in the community! That is one cool thing about a lot of vegetarian places - they take an interest in the people around them! I sure wish I'd gotten to go there. When my mother and I went to pick up Lucy for the first time, actually, the veterinarian's office where she was being taken care of was right up the street from it. We passed Cosmic Cafe and I hollered like a nine year old asking for McDonald's! "Mo-om! Please! Take me there!!!" We, of course, didn't have time, though. That was my trip in February for the funerals and it was a rush-rush trip. I just can't believe that I didn't go in June. What the heck is wrong with me?

Well, I had no car, whiny kids, a rotten stomach... I guess those all helped me miss some of my favorite spots. And I missed hooking up with some cool people, too. You'd think a month would be long enough to do all that stuff. The belly ache and the no-car really made it tough, though.

Ah well... there's always next time!

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