Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Let's get those kids reading!

As a self-appointed literacy counselor, one thing that I am always telling parents is to present books to their children about topics in which they are already interested. And the perfect book on that list is a book about the child themselves, because what young child isn't interested in themselves? There is a nice online store called Identity Direct where you can buy all kinds of personalized books! This is really cool, because when my kids were little, we didn't get to choose between lots and lots of books like that. There were only a few personalized books from which to choose. And this store also has other fun personalized items for children. They've got clocks (I really like those!), labels, placemats and even lots of toys! They have the most adorable ladybug rocking horse! And they even have a whole section dedicated to summer fun! Getting back to the books, though, I really believe that these personalized books are a good way to get kids interested in reading! And anything that turns a kid on to the wonderful world of literature, totally rocks in my book!

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