Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just what *are* migas, Lisa?

Well, I will tell you. Actually, I think I'll let a fellow blogger tell you. I went looking on the web for basic miga recipes to share with you, as I had a reader ask about them. And on my little web-searching journey, I found the answer on a blog! That was just perfect, to me, as I love showcasing other bloggers! Charlotte, is based in Berkeley, California and her blog is called, Love and Cooking - gotta love that title! And you will find quite an interesting (and two year long!) conversation attached to her migas post, which is called, Migas (Mexican breakfast).

Here at our house, we make probably the most basic miga recipe ever! We just tear up the tortillas, fry them, then crack a ton of eggs and get them ready for scrambling. (We probably use about 12 tortillas and 12 eggs. I often do more than 12 tortillas, though - because so many of them get eaten while I'm trying to cook! Dirty little homemade tortilla chip scavengers!!) I put the newly made tortilla chips aside for a bit, then start scrambling the eggs. When the eggs start to dry up a bit, but, not too much, then I start tossing in the chips, a little at a time. You don't want to put them in too soon, because then the eggs make the chips all gooey, but, if you wait to long, they don't attach to the eggs. And that's just no fun! I love those perfect bites of semi-crunchy chip with a big chunk of egg stuck to it!

And that is my miga story! Yes, we are gringos, I fully admit it. We don't do it right. But we like it that way. And - I was taught by a Mexican friend. So that should count for something!


Leah Oviedo said...

yummy My momused to make these when i eas younger. I never see them on the menuin Cali though, just NM and TX.

Leah Oviedo said...

sorry for the misspelled words. Obviously I cannot type and talk on the phone at the cell at the same time.

Lisa said...

Haha! I do that all the time, too - try to continue on the puter while I'm on the phone - never works!

I know - I'm making myself hungry, revisiting this post after my lame-ass toast and peanut butter breakfast! LOL!