Sunday, July 29, 2007

Traveling to Maine

One of my Punkymom friends just got back from Maine and she let us see all of her pictures. It just looks so beautiful and idyllic. They were there ten days and had only two days of sun, but, even in her cloudy pictures, there is something so peaceful and 'storybook' about it, you know? That was one of my folks' favorite places to travel and I can definitely see why. My friend has family there, so she of course stayed with them, but, I think if I went I would definitely try to stay in a Maine bed and breakfast. Ever since my brother's wedding, where we stayed in a B&B, I've become sort of obsessed with them! I've always been obsessed with old houses, though, so I don't know why it took staying in one to make me so crazy about them. Maybe it was too many years of watching Newhart, that turned me off prior to that! Theirs wasn't a really old house, though, so it just seemed annoying. It might have just seemed annoying to me, because, it was from the owner's perspective, and owning one, I'm sure - could be a pain in the neck! But Maine just seems like the most perfect setting to stay in a B&B! The whole historical, and laid back, atmosphere would be just right!

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