Saturday, July 28, 2007

We haven't had migas in forever!

Sammie and I were really wanting to make them the other day, but, my back was killing me! There was no way that I would have been able to stand there frying the tortillas in the oil. It is a lot of standing around. When we lived in Richardson, we had bar stools, so if I was achy or sore, I could just pull a bar stool up to the stove and sit there and cook them. My sister-in-law had bar stools in this house when she lived in it, but, I think that kitchen is just too darn small for them! And I think we actually haven't had migas since we've been in Alabama! Which is dumb, because all five of us love them! And you know how hard it is to please a family of five at dinner time! Well, we'll get to them one day - especially now that it's on my mind! Hey - maybe that would be a great dinner for the first night of school. Yeah, that is a good idea!


Leah Oviedo said...

Mmmmmmmmm. you are making me so hungry, but I don't have a full service kitchen(no stove) so I can't cook. I haven't had Migas since I was in NM last year!

Lynne said...

Now I'm curious, not to mention hungry! What exactly is a Miga?

Lisa said...

That's about how long it's been for us, too, Leah! I know, don't they sound so yummmmmmmy?? :)

Lynne - I'm hungry, too! ;) I'll make a post about migas coming up!