Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oh, my credit woes!

My husband and I are in some debt and it makes life so difficult! I've been reading up on ways to help us get in a better situation and today I've been looking at a very helpful site, GoldStarCredit.net. There is definitely a lot of good information available on that site. First, I was reading their section on Debt Help, in which there were a number of interesting and informative articles, found on the left sidebar. The page on Collections Information really explained a lot of what we have been going through.

I have always wondered if it was bad to order a credit report - I thought I had heard that that was bad to do too often. But this site says that you should really stay on top of your credit report and order one at least once a month. Eeks! That sounds too frequent! I've never actually ordered one, but, I sure would love to see exactly how bad ours really looks! Funny how it can feel as scary as a bad report card in high school!

We would really love to get a mortgage in our name, but, I'm not sure how soon that will happen. We recently applied for one, but, were turned down because of our credit. I did learn a lot about the different types of mortgages on the Gold Star Credit site, though. I think it's probably a good thing to learn and study about all of these things as we go along toward our goal of cleaning up our credit and owning our own home!

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Don Thieme said...

I surfed by your webpage from MyBlogLog. I have credit problems myself, which I am finally getting under control. I went through a credit counseling service. To tell the truth, though, I could have done myself what they have been doing for me. The thing to do is talk to the companies about lowering your interest rate and accepting a flat monthly amount from you. Pay off the ones that are reasonable starting with the smallest debts first. Some may just decide to write you off, though.