Monday, June 25, 2007

I am such a soda head!

It is so bad, and so totally unhealthy of me! It's been gnawing at me lately that I really need to start thinking about changing my ways! Yep - it's time to make The Switch! My SIL came home from the the store the other night with my nephew, and my nephew was so excited he was skipping and singing! See, he's not allowed to drink soda. However, his mother found a 'soda' that he could have. It is an all natural 100% juice 'soda'!! And you know what? It's good - it's really good! So DJ and I are excited! He gets to have a special 'treat' and be a big boy and drink 'soda'! And I have a good way to get my unhealthy arse off soda!! That is totally cool!

So let me tell you a little bit about them - they are 100% fruit juice and 100% carbonated. They have no preservatives, no corn syrup, no sugar added, and best of all - no mystery ingredients! I like that part! It's annoying and kind of freaky to read the labels on food and drinks and have no idea what the heck those ingredients are!!

The 12 ounce bottles have 1.5 servings per bottle, and there are 120 calories per serving. And there is also 100% vitamin C!

When we get home, I'm definitely going to have to get myself some of these!! Tracy got them at Target, but, we only have Wal-Mart in our town. I sure hope Wal-Mart sells it, too! And I know, I know - a 'good' hippie wouldn't even shop at Wal-Mart - but, the nearest Target is 20 miles away, and the Winn Dixie is way too expensive, so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Hey, my own mother tolerates it, so I don't want any flack from the blogosphere, ok? Alrighty then!

Now ya'll all go out and make the big Switch!!


Jules said...

I bought those! I bought those!!!!! The Black Cherry is the BOMB!!!!!!

Retta said...

You naughty hippie shopping at WalMart and helping them spread evil! It's okay I forgive you, I've been caught doing the same thing -lol-

I'll have to check them out :)

Lisa said...

I know, Jules - that's the one we had, was the black cherry! YUMMM!!

Retta - shhhh! Don't tell! heehee Yes, you should definitely try them. Great for the kids - they feel like they're getting a 'treat'!!

Jennifer said...

I want cola flavored what is a soda if it is flavored like black cherry. Aaaahhhhh! LOL... They do look good though, so might try them too.

Anonymous said...

hey, have you tried blending greens? it's awesome, totally 100% natural, my fave is spinach with lambsquarters, blueberries and a nectarine, add water, delish
love, kaetie

Lisa said...

Look, Jenn - if my Diet Coke-head can try them and like them, then so can you! ;)

I don't know, Kaetie - that sounds a bit odd. But thanks for visiting!! :)