Monday, June 25, 2007

Car insurance on the other side of the pond

My friend, Cat, is from the UK and moved over here to the US later in life. I always love talking to her about the differences between life here and across the pond. I've learned some interesting things from her. One time I think we were talking about the different ways that we serve toast than she is used to. And more recently we were talking about the differences in things like healthcare and car insurance.
Car 2
So then I was investigating UK car insurance online and I found it interesting to read their different terminology. One of the things that this website that I was looking at talks about is breakdown cover. And the cool thing about the breakdown cover is that it covers you, not your car! So even if you are in a friend's car, you are covered! That is totally awesome!

One of the other interesting terms was keycare cover. As long as your keys are attached to the key fob, they will help you recover your keys. And they say they recover 90% of lost keys! Wow! I imagine they have a GPS tracking system in the key fobs. That is pretty cool!

It really sounds like some pretty good coverage over there in the UK, and I just love hearing about the different ways the same exact things are handled - especially in the same language! You know what I mean?

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