Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yet another delay

This is just getting crazy! Ok, now we are not leaving until Thursday!

Mark's jobs that he is doing here are taking longer than expected, so we have to stay another day. He informed us of this when he got home from work last night. I will seriously laugh so hard if he comes home tonight and tells us there is yet another delay! Too funny!

It actually worked out nicely, though, because my brother had to go to Austin for work and might now be home until late tonight. And he went there early yesterday. So if we were leaving early tomorrow, he wouldn't get those last days with us. Yes, we've been together for weeks and I'm sure he will be so glad to get his house back, but, the last day or two are kind of special and important and sad and ooey and gooey. And even though they are kind of the 'hurting days' - nobody really want to miss them, you know?

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