Thursday, June 21, 2007

My remodeler, my husband

It's kind of handy having a remodeler in the family. That is, if you're the mother-in-law. What I mean to say is that, of course, my house doesn't get a whole lot of remodeling - but, that figures, right? The remodeler of which I speak is my husband, after all - and that is just how things like that seem to work. But my mother, on the other hand - has had lots of cool stuff done to her house, by the master craftsman himself, my hubby. A few years back, he completely remodeled both of the bathrooms in my childhood home. And they are so beautiful! I was so glad that my mom saved the pictures that she had hanging in the now guest bathroom, which used to be the kids' bathroom, and just had them reframed to match the new look. They are just two small, simple paintings with cute sayings on them, but, there is just something about them that says 'my bathroom' (and my brothers', of course). Both of the bathroom vanities are completely different than they used to be, but, the one in the guest bathroom is totally awesome! I really like it! It is one solid piece of dark something-or-other, marble or something. So the counter-top and the sink are all the same piece. And the best thing about it is that it is a lot higher than most bathroom vanities. That is one of my biggest gripes with houses - why in the heck are the darn bathroom sinks so low? Do you know what a pain it is to wash your face with the sink so low? So that part of it, I just love! I can't wait until I get to a point in my life where I am the one having remodeling done at my house! I shouldn't complain because when we get home, he is going to try to get some stuff done at our house. And that will be really cool - like I will finally get to have a living room upstairs, instead of in the friggin' basement! Yea!!

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