Friday, May 11, 2007

Structured Settlements

Have you been thinking of getting cash for your structured settlement? Well, I've been looking over a site this morning that is very helpful in deciding which route you should take, or even if you should. If you head on over to the site, SSQ, you will find a wealth of information and advice. They work with a large network of financial companies, and when you fill out the onsite application, they are able to get you immediate quotes from four different companies. They will also send you free information on structured settlements, tips on selling your settlements, and also your rights as a settlement owner. They also have a lot of helpful articles on their site, in the form of a blog. The article that I found the most informative is called, "Guide to Selling a Structured Settlement". They take you through the process, step by step, and explain exactly how to determine if you should sell, how to go about checking up on the different factoring companies that give you quotes, and exactly what will transpire once you and the factoring company decide to go ahead. The other article that really struck me as helpful is called, "3 Reasons Not to Sell a Structured Settlement". The fact that they provide so much information and guidance, in even deciding if you should sell your settlement, to me, speaks very highly of them.


Kuanyin said...

I've tagged you to play the 3 Things You Love over at my blog The Art of Living and Dying. :-)

Lisa said...

Ok, groovy - thank you! :)