Thursday, May 10, 2007

Silk Soy Milk Green Caps

If you drink Silk Soy Milk, and you notice your carton has a pretty green cap - don't throw away the carton until you visit the Silk Soy Milk website, and click on the green cap on the home page, and then enter your UPC code into the appropriate box.

Silk says:
"For every code entered, Silk will increase our overall green power contribution by 30kWt hours - enough to power an average home for a day. Plus, your beloved abode could win a green makeover in the Sweepstakes."

And did you know that your refrigerator is one of the two biggest energy hogs in your house? I am surprised by that! I guess it is 'running all the time'! Like that old prank call we used to make! LOL! Head over to the Silk website to learn what the other one is!

And don't forget to save your carton and enter your UPC code! I know I will be! It's cool, because I think when they first started this, you needed the little thing inside the cap that you throw away when you open it. And my brother had bought me a carton and he was the one to open it, and I was all mad at him for throwing it away! Duh - Micky, you could see that it was green! Hahaha! I'm so silly! Well, anyway - no more fussiness - all you need is the UPC code!


Marcus said...

I do drink Silk so I need to start doing that. Now, is the code on the cap or do I need to save the whole carton?

Lisa said...

It's on the side of the carton next to the Nutrition Facts. :D

Cass said...

Hey, that's a nice way for them to give back!