Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The most divine bath products and jewelry

How was your Mother's Day? Mine was pretty darn good. Aside from the fact that my house was filled to popping with in-laws, and my middle son wasn't talking to me, of course.

But - let's get to the good parts, ok? Alrighty then!

My daughter and her friends have been locking themselves up in the bathroom/cosmetics laboratory every day for like two weeks! They've been in there concocting all kinds of things! (i.e. Mixing five shampoos, and calling it a new shampoo.) When this whole thing first started, and how - I haven't a clue, these kids just get these ideas in their heads, you know! But anyway, when it all started - the 'new line' was called "Simply Samantha". And although I do love that name - my daughter's name - and it sounded really good for a cosmetics line, I was worried that the other girls were feeling left out by that. And I kept meaning to talk to her privately about that, but, I just kept forgetting. Well, it seems they solved the problem themselves, anyway - the new name is "S3G" - short for "Simply Three Girls" - pretty cute, huh?

I kind of started to feel like I was on the set of The Young and the Restless, for a while there. They would be in there every day after school, and I could hear them in there discussing animatedly, what to do next, what to put in where, etc. And then occasionally, one would come running out to me, with a product in hand - "Lisa(Mommy) try this - smell it, isn't it nice?" See - I was on The Young and the Restless!!

And this has been going on, like I said, for a couple of weeks, and I had no idea that it had anything to do with me. Until - Mother's Day morning - when on the table I see a beautifully decorated basket that is full of the most divine bath products - all for me! They had scratched off and peeled off any original labels, and had put on their company name and what each product was, and a little bit of decorating, for good measure!

I received six products in all - soap, shampoo, hair gel, facial mask, lotion, and perfume! Now how is that for a Mother's Day present!

I told Sammie that a lot of the WAHM's that I meet online do just that - manufacture their own bath products, and sell them! One of my favorite bloggers, Marisa, is a very talented soap maker, herself! She was excited to hear that!

Now - on to the divine jewelry! My precious 13 year old son, who is normally way too busy for such nonsense, and definitely way too cool - made me some jewelry!!

He made me a bracelet - it is made out of two pieces of paper, folded up a bunch of times, then rolled and twisted together. It is made from two of my favorite colors - pink and yellow! I just love it!

And the really awesome piece - is the ring!!! How clever of this boy, I tell you! He took an empty key ring for the 'ring' part of it. He had come in with a bend-y ruler and measured my finger to check the size. (I guess he had a couple of the things.) And then for the 'gemstone' - he took one of his precious gold nuggets (you know how these kids are with their little treasures like that, ok, ok, Momma - I know - I'm the same way) well, so anyway - it was neat that he was giving it up to me! He wanted his Dad to superglue it on there, but, it just wouldn't work, so for now - he's taped it with packing tape - but, Mark is going to buy some special 'metal glue' and fix it up for me!

Aren't those just some of the neatest gifts ever? I know, I know - you want pics, I'll get to that later.

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